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The Akademie Hotel is a long-standing member of the Association of Christian Hoteliers (VCH). The 60 VCH hotels in Germany are managed by people of Christian faith. It is our goal to use natural resources with care. We use regional and fair-trade products in cooking and housekeeping. We pay special attention both to our guests and to the people behind the services we provide.


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Our Akademie Hotel is affiliated with the social welfare organization of Germany's protestant churches, and is a member of the Association of Protestant Conference Centres in Germany. We work to support justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. Our house is open to all people as a place of respectful communication, dedicated to the common welfare, with a culture of high mutual esteem.

The Protestant centres welcome guests from all parts of the world, from all social milieus, of all religions and of no religion, immigrants and emigrants, young and old.

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